BIOGINIX Regenerative Therapy Universal PRP Kit (2 rör)

BIOGINIX är ett komplett PRP Regenerative Therapy Kit för medicinsk och estetisk användning. Den unika lösningen med 12 ml tuber har utvecklats i Aesthetic Cosmetic laboratoriet DERMAQUAL Paris.

BIOGINIX PRP Regenerative Therapy Universal Kit:

  • 2x 12ml tubes
  • Blood withdrawal accessories




2pcs PRP tubes 12ml



2 years shelf life.

Glass tubes.

Individual packaging (blister pack)

Each tube:

an insert polyester cell separator gel 1.2ml

a liquid anticoagulant Sodium Citrate

Blood withdrawal accessories

2pcs: Syringes (sterile) 5ml.

2pcs: Syringes (sterile) 3ml.

2pcs: Vacutainer tube holder (non-sterile, clear, latex free).

4pcs: Blood collection needless (sterile) –30g x 1/2 (0.3x13mm).

2pcs: Spinal needle  (sterile, non-toxic, non-pyrogenic)-22g (0.7x75mm).

1pcs: Absorbant dressing (8.0 cm x 8.0 cm).

1pcs: Tourniquet (latex free, synthetic rubber).


2 ampoules: Activator Calcium Chloride Dermaqual – 2x 1ml/0,033 fl.oz

PRP BIOGINIX Regenerative Therapy Kit contains a group of components necessary for the preparation of platelet rich plasma. All kit components are single use, sterile, and conforms the regulation of European Union to a high standard of manufacturing control for safety.

To prepare the PRP the single-patient PRP kit are being used.


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